Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crowns sale! Save 25%

For a limited time only,
you can purchase 
60000 Crowns for only $60 
(that's 1000 crowns/$1)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Pet in Crowns Shop

The Evil Sandman gives a Sandstorm card at baby and costs 2000 crowns as you can see.

Buy yours while it is out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Be a Dragon Rider!

The Dragon's Hoard Pack is now available in the Crown Shop! Get a chance at brand new rare & ultra rare Dragon Rider's items including:

       - Bone Dragon Mount
       - Double Handed Blade
       - New Dragon Pets
       - Special Dragon Rider's Gear
       - And more mystery items!

Visit the Crown Shop and buy your pack today!

Pet-a-palooza Has Begun!

Between June 6th 2011 and June 14th 2011, you can adopt some interesting pets!

All our pets are on sale, some up to 50% off their regular Crowns price! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired pets and there will be new pets released throughout the month of June!

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your pets today!

We're also giving you a pet snack the first time you login during Pet-a-palooza! The random snack will appear in you Gift window the first time you log in to the game between June 6th and June 14th.

Mega Card Comes to Gamestop USA

The partnership with GameStop continues and we're proud to offer an exclusive “Mega Bundle” game card that includes an extraordinary assortment of in-game items, including:

                       - Sultan's Palace Castle that includes a secret or two!
                       - A flying Magic Carpet Permanent Mount
                       - A Charmer's Mystical Flute of great power suitable for players of all levels
                       - A Snake in a Basket Pet. The pet comes as an egg that players can hatch, feed and train
                       - Decorative clothing and armor suitable for both boy and girl characters
                       - One month premium content acces or 5,000 Crowns
                       - An additional housing slot (above the normal limit of 3)

The “Mega Bundle” game card is priced at $39 and includes over $100 worth of in-game items and currency. The bundle is available immediately at GameStop stores across the country.

Wintertusk has Arrived!

Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven.....

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Blood Brother" quest in Grizzleheim. If you have completed this quest, speak to Merle Ambrose who will give you the quest "Cold News". If he does not have the quest 'Cold News' for you, you haven't completed the "Blood Brother" quest.

When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main area in Wintertusk.

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the area. It's remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it's among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding areas are full of wild creatures and barbarians.

Wintertusk contains 5 main areas: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund, and the areas of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these areas are Premium areas that will require a Membership to enter, or individual areas will be available to be purchased with Crowns. Each area will be 1995 crowns.

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